Payment.     We shall raise the bills at the 1st of every month & payment shall be made to us with in 07 days from submission of the bill.

Wages.     The rates are based on current minimum wages and any increase in the same shall be reimursed by the client including services & other statutory charges.

Re-employment.     Client will not give any direct employment to our workers deployed by us in their organiization during the contract period or even after the termination of the contract.

Terms.     The minimum terms of the contract will be 01 year. either side can terminate the contract by giving one month notice or payment in lieu of.

Validity.    The contract is valid for one year one only & subject to review thereafter.

Duty time.    All manpower will work 08 hours per day & six days a week as per statutory

condition.    However the duty timing of the workers can be regulated as work demand.

ESI & PF.     ESI & EPF is mandate.