SERVICES    (Security)

Creating awareness due to mounting danger

With the growth of civilization, the growth of some nefarious things grows as well. Basically scientific invention and social enlightment deemed for the betterment of the human beings but these invention and enlightment brought some destruction along with it also. Consequently it has jeopardized the lives of mankind, and peace and tranquility ceased to exist forever. Each and every place of the world automatically engulfed in danger. Be it electronic media or print media it always hogs the headlines carrying news about murder, kidnapping, burglary theft, bank robbery, shoplifting or even pilferage .In such a fluid situation, the man survival seems to be bleak. It is highly unsafe in the present social environments as the social malady and evils are rampant and fast spreading like a wild fire. All-round threats to lives and property have become a buzz word today, rising trend of crimes and anti social activities are so alarming that it has yet not been completely controlled, despite best efforts by the govt. concerned, still different Govt. agencies trying its best to deter and destruct , but it all proved a damp squib. The situation is still grim , and no let up seems to be in near future. Considering these states of affaire in view, it is utmost necessary to all individuals, corporate, households to take steps towards safety and security. Thus it all resulted in ever –increasing demands to provide security through high-tech measures.

Staff Recruitment and Selections

Our staffs are selected after the stringent verification of their character and antecedent We attach utmost importance to the right selection of staffs. It is processed in accordance with stringent parameter as laid down our organization. These include education, age physical fitness and background.

Training and Developments

After the completion of selection, our security personnel go through a Basic Training Capsule Program which lays emphasis on the following aspects;

A -
Drill- Posture Training and Saluting
B -
Turn out and Smartness
C -
Body languages
D -
Gate Duty
Fire Fighting
F -
First Aid
G -
VIP/Event Security
H -
Motivation Training including, discipline, spirit de corps
I -
Use of phone and other communication channel
J -
Preparation of various reports
K -
Perimeter patrolling
L -
Various aspect of industrial training

Assignment Training (On the Job Training)

Assignment training is also imparted to those trained personnel at the clients premises so that the security personnel can performed duties in accordance with requirements at the specific place.