SERVICES  (Pest Control)

Protect your home from the invasion of Pest & Rodent

Pest problems; Pest and rodents can cause great deal of damage to property. We take great care to periodically spray the best and only listed chemicals to provide safe, treatment of affected area. As it is fact that despite congenial atmosphere and comfort of your home, pest persists in your home or in some where else, create ideal condition for unhealthy household. Is your home is a victim of these unwanted invaders? If so, come or call M/s .Wonder Living, to provide guaranteed solutions for your worst pest problems.

The very comfort of your home creates ideal breeding ground for many household pests. Although these pests are often seen in and around the home you may not be familiar with their characteristic and traits. It is imperative that a thorough inspection and correct identification be made prior to solving even the simplest of pest problems.

Pest inspection by our pest personnel; It is necessary that a thorough inspection be performed by a trained professional before proper complete inspection our service technician will properly identify and suggest treatment for any and all pest found in and around your home .In rare cases, it is possibility to come across an uncommon pest that may be new to the area, in this event the pest will be brought back to our laboratory for proper identification by Entomologist.

Pest Control solution; It is our commitment to provide you the most recent pest control technology and treatment methods .we can ensure that you will receive the most effective and environmentally conscious pest control solution for your home and your work place.

Our Wonder Living service technicians will provide a thorough inspection and intense treatment for your home initial service .our service technicians have been trained to identify immediate problems area, as well as possible pest harborages, both in and around your home.

In side your home, we mainly concentrate focus on target location such as kitchen, bath rooms, laundry rooms basement and antics. We give special attention to the cracks and crevices under sinks and around appliances. Out side your home we will focus on critical entry points that pest may access, in addition to M/S wonder Living will inspect and treat location such as eaves, garages, shades, woodpiles or other commonly infested areas.